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A photo of CityBoy CityBoy
Hey guys,

So I really want to go McGill for their Bcomm program and I've the prereq and marks for it and everything, until recently...

So their minimum mark of Calc is an 80%, and calc is so killer that I will probably get around 82-83 by midterm. My other marks are 91(english), 96, 98, 95 < which will be my prereqs and then waiting for data which will be around 90s too i guess

So if i do the average it's around 92.5 - 93 and a lot of people got in around that range from last year? But does McGill weigh it's prerequisites? Like will they not accept me because my calc mark is lower?

Thanks for your help.
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A photo of lemony lemony
I'm not really sure but there is a possibility that prereqs are weighted more heavily. Either way, last year the cut-off was something like 91% so you still have a clear 2%, and you won't lose anything by applying anyway (well, except the cost to apply, but it's worth that risk). I think you have a good shot of getting in.
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A photo of CityBoy CityBoy
Thanks for your input! Can I have other opinions, also anyone on here from McGill Commerce?
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