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McGill Arts - Unnecessary stressing?

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Right now, mid-term wise, I have an 88. My highest mark is 93, and my lowest is 85. I'm really working hard to at least pull it to a 90% average by the end of this semester. It is obviously possible, but I also know myself - exams always lower my mark by at least 1% overall. My school is notoriously known for hard marking (I hence wish Canada had Standardized tests, seems much fairer), I have an 87 in law, and that's the highest grade. I have an 86 in English, and that is the second highest grade (my friend has an 89.3 Lol just give her 90 dammit).

I really hope my top 6 amount to a 91-93, but is an 88 overall enough to get into McGill Arts? How competitive is the program?

Thanks in advance, I think I'm gonna drop some clubs to focus on butt-licking my teacher to get those extra 1-2%.

I just wish they weren't hard on us in grade 12, the only grade that frig matters anyways. They justify it with 'we're preparing you for university'! How about they just frig skip that step and let me do that myself. Urgh.

Thanks in advance guys, I hope my stress (and it isn't even march yet!) is understood.
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