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McGill Arts Admission? PLEASE HELP!!

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So I submitted my application to McGill on December 10th, with my first choice being the Arts and Science program and my second choice being the Arts program. However, I now do not want to do the Arts and Science program, and won't get in anyway, as I decided not to take Calculus, which is a prerequisite. I'm pretty sure McGill is my number one choice, and really want to be accepted into the Arts program - are they less likely to accept me because I've listed it as my second choice?? Should I cancel my Arts and Science one and/or write them a letter or something?? My average right now is 86.2%, which will probably be brought up to around 89-90% by the time my second semester mid-terms have been submitted. I'm getting pretty nervous, as I go to an Ontario high school and early admissions are only being offered within the next ten days, and I don't want to wait until May to hear from them! I've already been accepted to Dalhousie, Mount Allison, Huron at Western, McMaster, Guelph, and Queen's, and still need to hear from U of T, UBC, Western (main campus) and McGill. Please someone answer quickly!!
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I wouldn't fret too much - they evaluate each of your applications separately, and the rankings shouldn't make them consider your Arts app any less seriously. It shouldn't change your circumstances. I did the same thing as you and got rejected from Art/Sci, but was accepted into Arts a few days later. As long as your requirements are there, and your average is high enough - that's a whole other question. Good luck!
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They'll look at both programs. I applied to education and arts, and they considered both. I wouldn't stress out too much! :)
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