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McGill Arts Admission Requirements

A photo of allentsai allentsai
Hey I was browsing through the McGill admission site and I was looking at the courses that McGill considers as academics. For BC, do they not accept Geography, History?


Through the link on the BC section, it only says Law 12... Does that mean I won't be able to use the 3 courses?'

Also, for the Fine Arts section, would I be able to use Choir or any music course?

Would an 89% average get me into Arts?
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A photo of Zion Zion
An 89 will probably get you into Arts, unless it's an unusually competitive year.

That's weird that they only list Comp Civ and Law. Geography and History are provincials (I'm not sure about First Nations) so they should count. I'd like to use History in my top 5. I'd e-mail the school if I were you.
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A photo of allentsai allentsai
Thanks for replying,

Yeah I sent an email over there, hopefully they respond fast. I'm gonna be so sad if they won't take first nations, its what will bring my average up to even consider McGill..

Otherwise I might have to do Law 12..
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