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A photo of Palisades Palisades
Hey! I was just wondering what kinda averages everyone who's been accepted to McGill for Arts has. It's the end of March and I still haven't gotten an acceptance, I felt pretty good about getting in but now I'm starting to totally freaking out.
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A photo of allentsai allentsai
I got accepted on Monday with a 90.4 average.
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A photo of Palisades Palisades
^ congrats!
And, Never mind... I posted this about an hour before I got my acceptance too! haha. SO HAPPY/RELIEVED.
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A photo of hapmie hapmie
when did you guys submit your applications and how does Mcgill make its applicant decision
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A photo of Palisades Palisades
I submitted mine back in December. I don't think it makes much of a difference when you submit if you're a Canadian student. I know they do acceptances by region - americans are all accepted much earlier. I'm pretty sure they only look at your top 6 marks (4 U courses + a maximum of 2 M courses for Ontario). I think first round of admissions for ontario students ends mid-April, and then they do a huge chunk in May.
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A photo of NumberOne NumberOne
I got in with a 90 flat average and applied in December but I know people with higher averages than me, getting accepted later.

So don't worry about not getting accepted yet.
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