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McGill Biomed vs. UofT Life Sciences (Trinity)

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Hey guys,
I recently got admitted to McGill for Biomedical Sciences and also at University of Toronto for Life Sciences within Trinity College. I'm having a super rough time choosing because well, I love Montreal, but the school (I've heard) is a kick in the ass when it comes to marks. I also really, really want to go to Medical School in my future because I've been dreaming of that from the age of like two but the problem is, I need to go to the school that will give me more opportunities (hospital volunteering, internships, stuff like that).

Yet again, UofT has humongous class sizes and the competition is indescribable. And the city kinda sucks.

I'm really lost, help, anybody who has any sort of experiences?!
And if you could explain how the actual classes work there, (courses I have to take blah blah) that would be absolutely fantastic

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