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McGill Bursary Form Help

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I have an urgent question, and I'll be glad if anyone could help. I posted this in Money / Scholarship section like a week or two ago and no one fkn replied, hence posting it in Business section.

I was trying to fill McGill Bursary form last week but they're asking questions like how much loans am I getting. How am I supposed to know how much loan I am gonna get lol when the OSAP form is not out yet?

Things like "Government student loans" and "Student line of credit" are freaking me out, since I have no idea what to write in there? What amounts are we supposed to put for these? :s

Plz reply asap if you can. Thanks. :)

Quoting from the form (I'll bold the ones I don't quite understand):


Student Debt

Provide amounts in Canadian dollars.

Total Debt: Amount
Government student loans:
Student line of credit:
Other debt(s) specify:


Also this...


Student Resources

Provide amounts in Canadian dollars.

Resources: Amount
Contribution from parent(s)
Contribution from relative(s)
Trust funds/Educ savings plans
(Report amount to be used for the upcoming school year)
Scholarships / Awards
Government student loans
Student line of credit
Accumulated savings
(Report amount to be used for the upcoming school year)
Expected savings from work
(from summer job prior to upcoming school year)
Other resource(s) specify:


Basically, what amounts am I supposed to put for those (in bold) seeing that OSAP isn't even out yet? :s
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Ha ha, of course it had no replies in the money/scholarship section :)

I did something similar for Waterloo (I don't know if you did too) but it said to not include OSAP which makes more sense. So if you are planning on getting a student line of credit or some sort of government loan then that would be included. I'm not sure if OSAP is included or what. I would check to see if it says to ommitt OSAP estimates, or if not, calling is your best bet. Check to see if there's FAQs about the bursary too, chances are someone had the same question before.
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Thanks for the reply man. :)

I'm just gonna wait and see if the ones I pm'd would reply. If not, calling would be the only option left.
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