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A photo of luckycharms luckycharms
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows how McGill's bursaries work. Do they either say yes or no to the amount you request, or do they just look at the amount you request and use it in their decision? Thanks.
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A photo of NerdmobileDriver NerdmobileDriver
You request a certain amount, but they ultimately decide how much to give you (so I guess they just use it in their decision). I have a feeling it doesn't make a difference what you ask for unless they would have given you more than you asked for, in which case they cap it at that amount (**this is a theory**). I asked for $4000 and got $3000, so I'm not complaining. :P
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A photo of colakid123 colakid123
Nerdmobile Driver is probably right about the asked amount thing. I asked for $5000 and got $2000, but honestly, my family's financial situation is not bad and I'm pretty happy. Especially because I heard McGill was low on funds...any truth to that?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
did the bursary application deadline pass already? how do you apply?
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This post was deleted

A photo of NerdmobileDriver NerdmobileDriver
The deadline for bursary applications is 30 days after the date of your offer of admission or June 30, whichever comes first.

You apply on minerva
Go to financial aid/awards-->financial aid menu-->apply for entrance bursary
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