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McGill Chances?

A photo of mayaaP mayaaP

So my marks for grade 11 are:

Anthropology (in French): 92
AP French: 89
Digital Arts: 90
Math: 87
Italian: 97
AP English: 93 (more or less, haven't gotten midterms yet)
Bio: 85 (more or less, haven't gotten midterms yet)
Co-op: 97 (more or less, haven't gotten midterms yet)

I have been taking French every year in high school, and next year will take all "U" courses, and expect to have an average of 93.
I am applying to McGill for a double major psychology and French, and also to Queen's for their BISC program, and Western.

Chances for either of these?
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A photo of Kareemy Kareemy
Dude, why are you stressing when your marks are so high?!

I have friends who got into some of their most competitive programs with 87-91 % averages, as long as you have an 87 (which is one of your lowest marks), you should be fine.

I have around an 89/90 and I'm not even stressing!

Good luck :)
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