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McGill Chemical Engineering

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Has anybody here received an offer for McGill Chemical engineering yet? If so, what was your admission average?
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A photo of maelong maelong
did you send your trnascript?
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I'm an Ontario student so I just have to submit my OUAC reference number. It says they received my transcript on minerva. I have a 96.3% average but I haven't received an offer yet, while other students with lower averages have received McGill offers.

I just found out today that another student with a 98% average hasn't received an offer either so I was wondering if anybody knows whether there's any particular order. Haven't heard of any offers since March 1st though...
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Have any other Ontario students received an offer? I'm really hoping to get an offer in the early round so I don't have to worry as much about marks for the rest of the year :$
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