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McGill Desautels: Chances

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I'm really looking for a person who was accepted last year near the cut off average of 91%, or knows someone who was. I'm wondering when you/he/she were/was accepted, and what exactly was your/his/her top 6 average?

What do you believe my chances are?
Adv func: 88
French: 90
English: 95
Classical Civilizations: predicted to be 94~96
Geography: predicted to be 94~96
Calculus: predicted to be 89~91

Modestly speaking my top 6 average is around 91.6~92, which is just a bit above the cut off average.

Really stressed out about this :s
Shouldn't have slacked off the first semestre.
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This forum isn't that busy. Lampshade is the only one I know of who is in Desautels right now. Honestly you shoudl spend 30-45 minutes doing some serious searching in the old forum, and see if anyone said they got accepted with a 91.6 average or w e. :cheers:
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Mhmmm... you have a chance. My friend got in with an average around that last year in March/April but she had lower pre-reqs. So if its the same as last year, you probably will.

But she then went to Rotman.... hahaha
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Oh that's great news!
I don't think I'll get in April though. They'll need to see my mid term marks which have three courses for my top 6 average. I'm guessing I'll get notified in mid May, but an acceptance is an acceptance, just praying there will be one.

Thanks LampShade!
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