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McGill for BA Psych?

A photo of bethluttenberger bethluttenberger
I'm wondering if I'll be accepted into the McGill Bachelor of Arts Psychology program? They obtained my grades on Feb. 23rd (I applied around November 10th).

My marks:
81 in English, 89 in History, 91 in Law

I got early acceptance to UOttawa in December, and just got accepted to two Bachelor of Arts & Science programs at Queen's (one is the International Study Program).

I seriously cannot take the wait :\ Thoughts!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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A photo of Rockerchick94 Rockerchick94
Well, McGill is really selective for their Joint Honours programs.
Students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or higher are eligible to apply; however, normally only students with a U1 GPA above 3.50 are admitted.

So if your GPA is at or above a 3.50, then most likely you'll get in. However, you have to keep in mind that McGill is "Canada's Harvard", soooo you'll have to beat everyone else in Canada, applying for that program, to get in.

Good luck though!
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A photo of bethluttenberger bethluttenberger
thanks, that's really helpful! any other opinions?
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A photo of 6x7 6x7
Are you applying for Humanities/Social Sciences? If so, you are definitely safe.

Maybe even for sciences, since I knew someone who got in with a 72 in Advanced Functions for studying Bio in McGill, and they still managed to get in.

However, the averages tend to fluctuate every year, but by a tiny, tiny minimum.

Don't worry!

EDIT: Oh nevermind, you are applying to the arts, which makes you even more safe.
Either way, the cut off last year apparently was 86.8%
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A photo of bethluttenberger bethluttenberger
Thanks both of you! That's a huge help.. I'm still waiting, it's killing me! Does anyone else have any opinions?
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