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McGill FRSL Placement Test

A photo of Spoony Spoony
Hello all,

I am interested in taking one or two FRSL courses for first year Arts and I just read that a you need to write a placement test and interview a professor to evaluate oral skills.

I have stopped taking French after Grade 9 and thus, I am not confident in my French reading, writing, and oral skills at all. Do they deny you entry if you are truly clueless during the duration of the test?


PS. Are these courses difficult or relatively easy?
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A photo of canta93loupe canta93loupe
If you're absolutely clueless during the test/interview, then you will be placed in Beginners' French (FRSL 101).

And it really just depends on you and the level you are taking. I've talked to a couple of people who've taken FRSL, one at a beginner level and the other at a more intermediate level, and they've both said the courses are a lot of work.
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A photo of Spoony Spoony
Hi, thanks for the reply.

Since Arts majors have to have 2 courses (6 credits) for 3 of the 4 categories, I want to have 6 credits in the Languages category.

However, I am rather confused whether FRSL 101D1 and FRSL 101D2 constitute as 6 credits altogether.

This is from the website:

" FRSL 101D1 and FRSL 101D2 together are equivalent to FRSL 101"

Can anybody help?
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A photo of canta93loupe canta93loupe
You will receive a total of 6 credits when you take both FRSL 101D1 and FRSL 101D2.
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