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A photo of ruf ruf
I have a question about the McGill prerequisite that says 4U English or French. My French final was 87% and my current English mark is 79%. I was wondering if I only have to use the French in my top 6 calculation. My top 6 marks, with prerequisites Biology and Chemistry (I omitted physics) added in:

Current Top 6 with French: 90.6%
Current Top 6 with English: 89.3%

I'm trying to raise my top 6 to at least 92%, but I was mostly wondering if I can just use French and not English.
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
You have to use the language that the whole school is taught in. So if you're in a normal, English-speaking school where most of the courses are taught in English, than you would use your 4U English mark. If your school teaches mostly in French, you'd use 4U French
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A photo of letitsnow letitsnow
omg im in a similar situation! I really hope that we'll still get in with a 90.8% average but im counting on my second semester midterm mark to bring it up to a 91.5 which is the cutoff
did anyone get accpeted already to McGill biomed with a 91.5 average?
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