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McGill major.. essay question?

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hey guys so i am in a bit of a confusion.. the essays we have to write for the McGill major scholar ship includes this : "Choose one person, either a contemporary or historical figure, and describe how you would have been influenced or inspired by that individual."

Now the confusion is with the part "how you would have been" this means that the person you have to write about is not your inspiration right!?

Please help me clear this out.. cause all the people I know are actually writing about their Inspirations.. I was never gonna write on this topic anyways.. but i dont want all my friends to lose out on the scholarship cause of this.
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First of all, I would like to commend your for being so kind and caring.

And now to answer your question. Think of it this way:
1) Imagine that you are now successful in your career and you're enjoying it, and you're being a leader and helping others.
2) Now think of that "inspirational person".
3) Answers this question: What did he/she do that helped you become the person you are today?

That's how I interpret that essay question. Hope it helps!
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The way I read the question was that this is a person you haven't met and don't know well-- you're choosing him or her based on accomplishments, actions, characteristics, ETC. (So not a friend or family member-- a "contemporary or historical figure"). So you're writing about how you feel you would have been influenced by the person if you know him/her.
Could be wrong, but that's what I got!
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I find that question a bit annoying too. I'm gonna do the 2nd one I think. :bball:
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