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McGill Major Scholarships

A photo of lilahaj lilahaj
I was wondering if anyone has received a major scholarship from McGill yet? They said that you would find out 1 to 2 weeks after the admission decision, I was accepted March 1st and my application for the major scholarships is still in process. Also, do you think that it is better or worse that they are waiting longer to give me a decision? I think I did really well on the application so I am hoping for something in return!
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A photo of 55Lighthouse 55Lighthouse
I'm in the exact situation as you - I got accepted (to Management) March 1st and my scholarship shows as still in-process... I am planning to wait another week, which will be 4 weeks after my acceptance date, and then I'm going to call the financial office to ask when I can expect a response. Also, it says on the McGill site that you would hear if you got an entrance scholarship a few days after your acceptance - so at this point does it mean I got big money, or nothing at all, since I haven't heard about an entrance scholarship?
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A photo of lilahaj lilahaj
I remember on the website it said that you will be notified if you receive a scholarship or not, so I'm not sure why it is taking so long, no one I know who applied and got accepted has received anything yet! I guess we will just have to wait?
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A photo of 55Lighthouse 55Lighthouse
Hey, so I called McGill a while ago and they said that all decisions will be made in the middle of April. I guess their website is out-of-date on the timeline with scholarship decisions.
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A photo of Kostrowicki Kostrowicki

I have just received news myself. I got the 3000$ renewable. I wonder if they gave out a lot of the 5k/10k$ ones.

Any one knows how good my grades must be in order to keep my scholarship safe?

Also, is there a lot of in-course scholarship for undergraduates at McGill? (I'm doing Arts & Science)
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