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McGill meal plan - regular or light?

A photo of kiwifruit11 kiwifruit11
Hello. I'll be going to McGill this year, and would like to save as much money as possible. For my meal plan, I'm given the choice between "regular", "light", and "varsity". I know I definitely won't need varsity, but would like to know how much of a difference there is between the regular and light options. I'm afraid that if I choose light there won't be enough, but if I choose regular I'll be wasting money. The two plans differ by $300.

I'm a girl, and kind of a small person. I think I eat a normal amount, but some of my friends think I eat surprisingly little.

Does anyone who goes to McGill (or even another university with a similar system) have any advice to offer? How much of a difference is there between regular and light? Which would you choose?
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A photo of theofficialtta theofficialtta

I would definitely suggest getting the light meal plan. If you do run out, you can always "top off" your meal plan. Basically, that just means you can add more money to your card to use in the cafeterias. This is a much better option because if you have left over money in your "top offs" (they call it flex), it will be returned to you at the end of the year! But if you have left over money in your regular meal plan - they call it home dollars- (which you might if you get the regular plan instead of the light) it will NOT be returned.

So, it's to your advantage to get the light plan. If anything, you can just add more. But if you get the regular and have left over money at the end, you won't get it back! Plus, with your flex money, you can use it at any caf. You can only use your home dollars at your Home caf.

Does that make sense?

Hope that helps,

(Second year McGill Student)
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A photo of kiwifruit11 kiwifruit11
That makes perfect sense, thank you!
I ordered light. :D
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A photo of Unspool Unspool
At the McGill caffs it's more what you eat than how much. If you get vitamin water and the nut bar (which is awesome if you like nuts) ever meal that adds up quick.
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