yconic - Mcgill, Queens, Western U of T Business.......admission possibilities?
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Mcgill, Queens, Western U of T Business.......admission possibilities?

A photo of slader23 slader23
I've just applied to these schools and wondering what my chances are of getting in to their business schools...so Ivey, Desautels,Rotmans etc. I just got back my winter mark update from my school a few days ago ( Gr.12)...

Gr.12 Advanced Functions 84
Gr.12 English 87
Gr.12 World Studies 93
Gr.12 AP World History 94
Gr.12 Exercise science 95

Overall average 90.6% rounds up to 91% ....these are not the marks I will be submitting to the schools as my February mark update will be submitted through OUAC I'm positive that I will be able to get my average to about 93% by that time (Math must go up)so must my easy courses... so tell me realistically what do you think my chances are?

By the way my sixth course is Calculus and Vectors but its in with Advanced functions as a half year full credit course so I haven't done it yet...
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A photo of 123abcuwo 123abcuwo
I don't know about other schools, but with a 90%+ average you'll be competitive for Ivey AEO. But I don't know what your ECs are, so depending on if you've done a decent amount of ECs in high school, you have a good shot. But if you haven't done any ECs, then AEO will be unlikely.
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A photo of slader23 slader23
My EC's are pretty good...got stuff like Prefect (private school) , social committee, soccer, basketball, rugby, house league, and over 120 hours of community service with programs like 30 hr famine and Big Brother/ Big Sister to name the least.
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A photo of living4themoment living4themoment
With over a 90% average you have a pretty good shot to all of those schools, especially if you have EC's. People with lower averages than yours have gotten in because they had good EC involvement. But of course if you want to improve your chances of acceptance, work harder to improve your marks :)
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A photo of slader23 slader23
Thanks for the advice:cheers: and yea I think working harder is not an issue as it is something I must do to ensure my acceptances to these schools. Happy Holidays!:bigsmurf:
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A photo of reddy16 reddy16
Those are pretty strong marks.
My advice would be to work on Math and English, since those are the most important.
I'm applying for business, too. Don't forget to fill out any supplemental applications! :)
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A photo of slader23 slader23
Yea I really should focus on those two classes...Im gonna try my best to get them in the 90's or at least close to a 90. Those supplementary applications are a drag but I think I should be done all of them by the beginning of January, your applying for business to eh what schools? How are your marks??
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