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McGill Residence Deposit & Survey?

A photo of Sean1218 Sean1218
I'm not ready to complete my survey, but I need to know what the payment methods are like.

I was looking at http://www.mcgill.ca/student-accounts/procedure/ but I'm still not really clear.

Under 'By telephone/internet banking', the site makes it seem like I have to pay using some specific feature on my bank's website which I've never heard of

I just want to pay using a direct deposit from my bank account, or a regular credit card. Is this available after I complete the survey? As in, I just enter my bank's information, or credit card information (card #, 3-digit cvs, etc) on the McGill site? I was under the impression I could at least pay the same way I did for my McGill acceptance deposit, but I'm not so sure this is the case.

Also, I'd call McGill (and I will tomorrow), but I need to know before my parents leave for the week (in a few hours) to make sure I won't have any problems paying myself.

Thanks to anyone that can help!
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A photo of kiwifruit11 kiwifruit11
Nice timing. I literally paid my deposit like 5 minutes ago.

It's the exact same method you used to pay your acceptance deposit. Enter credit card number, expiration date, code on the back thing, and you're done. :)

I've haven't look over that link you have there, but I suspect that's probably for when you pay your actual monthly rent, once you're already in residence.
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