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A photo of utkarsh utkarsh
Hey everyone.

So I had applied to McGill University for Chemical Engineering, and so far whenever I visit the minerva website to check the "Checklist", all it shows is OUAC transcripts.
Its been like that ever since I applied (2-3 months)

When does McGill start asking for other requirements, such as EC's, Essays, etc. ??
I am worried because maybe there is a problem with my account or something..
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4 replies
A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
They don't have any, just sit back and wait.
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A photo of krankd krankd
^ +1
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A photo of Whosaidthat Whosaidthat
if anything is going to happen i.e. they're gonna ask you for something, it's not gonna be until March, so like ^ said, just wait
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A photo of utkarsh utkarsh
Ohh okay.
Thank you :)

Now I can sit back and relax LOL
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