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McGill Transcript Qestion? (Please help me! :()

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:albino: :albino: :albino:

and um..

I'm a B.C. high school student
and I checked almost everything on the Mcgill website and
I'm so confused about sending transcripts and when to send em.. :(

It told me to self report so I did it, and it said I'm self reporting it to
not neccessary send the term 1 transcript to Mcgill..

and the deadline for supporting docs are June 1st.

I don't know what to do?

please answer carefully..
please not say "go to website and check" because I think I did it thoroughly enough already. :(

Thank you so much!
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Enrolment Services Documentation Centre
McGill University
688 Sherbrooke Street West, Room 760
Montreal, Quebec H3A 3R1 Canada

Get your school to send your transcript (can't be scanned or faxed) with all completed courses and marks in an envelope directly to that address.
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