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McGill University vs. University of Ottawa

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So I am having a real hard time deciding on university.
I got into the University of Toronto (St. George - University College) for there Peace and Conflict Studies;
I got into the University of Ottawa for Human Rights and Conflict Studies as well as Political Science.
I am waiting to hear from McGill University for Political Science.
I do not know if I will get in. I am afraid my marks won't be high enough to get in, so I am leaning towards Ottawa because I have been accepted, but I am not sure what to do. I have been weighing my pros and cons, and each time I just end being more undecided and more confused. What should I do, and do you think I can get into McGill University

Food and Nutrition - 85%
English - 90%
Leadership - 90%
World Issues - 90&
World History - 89%
Law - 87%
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Hey guys! I'm in the same boat, 88.5 average, McGill Poli-Sci, waiting to hear for acceptance.

We're definitely getting in. Check out the average accepted students' averages from last year http://www.mcgill.ca/applying/standards/canada/

I have a friend who got into BioMed (92.6 average accepted) with an 87, so since we're above the 86.7, we'll be fine.

And McGill > U of O any day, I'm from Ottawa and I don't hear the greatest things all the time, ESPECIALLY for Poli-Sci, hence why I applied only to Carleton, and not U of O, for poli-sci.
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I got into McGill, YAY! Now I just have to decide which program is best for me...
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@differentusername wrote

Please let me know what program you choose at McGill! Are you sticking with Poli Sci?
I am also interested in Human Rights type courses but don't know what to take at McGill. Poli Sci? Soc? Social Work?
Nothing seems quite right and that is bugging me. Carleton has Human Rights (as a Major) but I don't want to go there!!!!

With Arts, a lot of the prereqs are similar throughout, and thus, switching majors in 2nd year is not a big deal, I think International Development would be great. I've heard good things about McGill's Poli-Sci and Intl. Dev. programs, and also heard that Intl. Dev, despite being one of those very specific programs that people falsely dub as being "useless", will be in demand in the coming years with what's going on in our global community with respect to the restructuring of the Middle East's governmental framework and all that. Strongly recommend those programs! :D
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