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McGill vs Queen's: Partying

A photo of sixdays sixdays
I'm trying to make a decision between these two schools and the social aspect is definitely important. I'm not really into doing a lot of partying/clubbing (although I wouldn't mind on occasion), so is that atmosphere more prevalent at McGill or Queen's?
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A photo of tjozef tjozef
mcgill for clubbing, queen's for regular partying
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A photo of meghie meghie
At mcgill, you do what you want to do. There are people in every situation, some want to go clubbing, some party in rez, some are studying, some never drink!

Whichever you choose to do each night, you won't be alone. Believe me, courses at mcgill are hard, and I've never been the only one staying in to study :)

There are also tonsss of activities for people that don't enjoy partying all the time! Mcgill is a fun school for partying, but that's not the only thing it's good for! Come on everyone's got to stop shutting down mcgill because it has been called a party school.
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A photo of treecows treecows
If you don't want to party or club, you don't have to. Lots of like-minded people in both universities.

But clubbing at Queen's is not a big thing, considering there's only 4. But lots of regular house and rez parties though.
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