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McGill vs Queen's

A photo of lemony lemony
Trying to decide between these two universities. Any thoughts? I know that other people are probably in a similar situation and while I see a lot of Queen's vs Ivey, I want to hear some thoughts about McGill.
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A photo of goldmansachs goldmansachs
I am deciding between the same schools right now. Both programs have everything I want but I'm in favor of McGill Management at the moment. This is because of a couple of reasons and I'll just list it:

- Cheaper than Ivey & Queen's (Money is an issue for me)
- Exchange Opportunity (even to Wharton IF we get it lol)
- Honors in IM Opportunity (IF we get in lol)
- Major Intl Mgmt (something I would be interested in)
- Montreal Great City (and great food!) I'm more of a city person
- Opportunity to learn French and perhaps another language if we're in MIM program
- McGill Name
- Program is getting better and climbing rankings
- Not so "difficult" as I've heard from students
- Lots of electives first year, and I love that so I can get settled in

Now for me Queen's is still in the picture because they gave me pretty good bursaries, it's a great business school with great recruitment statistics (better than Desautels), and countless extracurricular opportunities, closer to home (I live in Toronto) and supposedly good for Finance which is the field I want to pursue and just the reputation as well within in Canada and certain parts in the world.
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A photo of goldmansachs goldmansachs
I'm actually going to visit McGill tomorrow so if you haven't already visited, I'll let you know what I think about it tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll make the right decision.
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A photo of Illuminar Illuminar
I know this topic is old as ****, but there's an exchange student from McGill in one of my classes and he's an idiot. Half the people have that "can you believe this guy?" smirk when he asks questions. The professor is clearly agitated by the questions this guy is asking in an upper level finance class. I don't know if there's a mismatch in the quality of education or if this guy is uniquely stupid.

In any case, if the Wharton exchange is a pro for choosing McGill, PLEASE don't be "that guy"
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