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McGill vs U of T Life Sci

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Hi, I know there is similar posts around and I have read them all:bounce: Just want to get some customized advice

I'm going into life science, too. I'm debating between U of T and McGill. For U of T, I got into Vic One (Stowe-Gullen) and got some scholarship offers for a total of approx. 9k. On the other hand, McGill offers me 3k.

Honestly, I don't care about the money that much b/c it will only be a tiny fraction of the whole expense I will spend for university-especially with the plan of getting into dental school.

I was almost going to accept the offer b/c of the GPA terror in U of T. Then I did some last minute research and turns out I won't be a Quebec resident after 3/4 years of undergrad. The only way I can be one is to ask my parents to move to Quebec (which they said is ok since they spend most of their time in a year outside of Canada)...

SO.... What do you suggest?

Thx in advance
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