yconic - McGill vs. UofT vs. Mac Healthsci (if i get in)
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McGill vs. UofT vs. Mac Healthsci (if i get in)

A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
so here's how i see things, but some commentary would be very much appreciated

- prestige
- nice program
- nice campus
- to my knowledge according to the OMSAS conversion scale, an A (>85?) is 4.0 whereas a 4.0 in UofT and MAC is A+ (>90)

- i know like no french
- hard to get decent marks?
- im probably not gonna go to their med school anyways since they have like 10seats for out of province students (which I am)

UofT St. George- St. Michael's college:
- also prestige (more or less than McGill?)
- nice campus I guess
- cheapest option

- a kazillion people say its a "GPA killer" which terrifies me
- montreal>toronto in my opinion
- i'd be staying at home (ie. no residence) :'(

- best program outta them all
- from what ive heard the workload is not overboard

- good change im not gonna get accepted (lol i realized a few typos on my SA)
- hamilton<toronto<montral

If u couldn't already tell, im focusing on perusing med/dentistry in the future

any thoughts or comments WOULD BE GREAT!
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3 replies
A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
I would choose McGill/Mac out of those 3 options. I completely hate the UTSG campus though (too big and not an isolated campus since buildings are separated by major/busy intersections, doesn't really feel like a "school"). I don't think your lack of French-speaking abilities will be a problem, I have friends at McGill who haven't taken French since grade 9. Montreal has the best nightlife out of the 3 cities.
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A photo of hockeynut91 hockeynut91
French isn't a big deal. i never talked French one time all of this year. Also Mcgill is tough compared to Mac life sci,
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A photo of ArchEnemy ArchEnemy
UofT. Tons of research opportunities. Surrounded by 4 hospitals, and hence tons of volunteering work available too. Both of these are crucial in medical school applications.
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