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I am currently a senior in an Ontario high school aspiring to get admission in McGill's Economics program. I have a number of questions and I noticed some people from McGill on the forum. For starters I was checking out the website and I got confused since the Faculty of Arts required a person to take 2 science courses as prerequisites for their particular Economics program. Usually the arts only require a person to have 4U English and one 4U Math. Also I'm not sure what program should I apply for the 36 credits, 54 or the 62? Since I cannot understand the differences. Also, at this point in life most people want to move out their parent's houses, and seeing that I have been here in Canada a little under two years, I have still been struggling with getting a job...so if anyone out there could recommend anything that might help me pursue this possibility - I'd be grateful. Anticipating some help.

Maham K.
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