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McGill's admission process? Anyone plz plz..

A photo of McGillian McGillian

So I applied to McGill 3 weeks ago via their website. I'm Transfering from an Ontario Universit, 2nd Year.

I paid the $ 100 adm. fees and didn't send my original documents yet.

I'm facing an issue here! I forgot my username & password !!!!!! And there is no where on their website that mentions the set-up instructions for students online accounts.

Baiscally, I don't know their decision about my application yet because I don't have access to my McGill's account and I don't know if they usually send updates to students emails or not.

Did anyone apply here?

Could anyone help me? How to complete my application process?

Should I send my documents to McGill right now? Eventhough there was no decision yet and I don't remember if they asked to do so.

Thanks in advance!
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A photo of Meridian Meridian
hmmm - time to call McGill .
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A photo of OscarUK OscarUK
send your docs asap so at least they are on their way which cannot be a bad thing, then call Mcgill admissions and explain the situation.
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