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McMaster and Waterloo Co-op

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What is the difference between their engineering co ops?
Which university's degree is recognized more and will land me more job opportunities?
Which one is easier to stay in (Not get kicked out lol)?
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A photo of chatmike chatmike
Waterloo is known for coop and will give you the best networking opportunities.

You can get a UW placement as early as first year. Whereas at Mac its rare to get started first year. However there are a lot more research opportunities at Mac for coop as opposed to UW as UW specializes more in the workplace.

Waterloo is recognized more in most engineering programs as compared to Mac.

I've heard both are very difficult. As in, even though Mac has a lesser reputation, its stupidly hard.

With all of this said, i still chose Mac over UW for engineering :)
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A photo of loyolalax9 loyolalax9
Waterloo obviously has the better reputation, but if you don't know what field of engineering you want to get into, then I'd suggest mac since it's a general first year. The engineering co-op at Waterloo is great and is very reputable. For mcmaster you have to sign up for the co-op and you pay a fee for the course and stuff and the co-op at mac is optional. I'd assume Waterloo has a higher drop out rate than mac just because it's Waterloo lol, also Mac has the option where you can get an MBA in just a year rather than 2 so if you're interested in an MBA after your undergraduate degree, go with mac, but the program at UW is definitely better than mac and you're pretty much guaranteed a job if you attend UW.
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