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McMaster Application Process

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I have received a letter of acknowledgement of my applicatin from McMaster, but unlike other universities, they have not provided a temporary student ID or something like that. All I did is sent my transcript along with the label. Is it common to all applicants?

p.s. I have applied to Mathematics & Statistics I with an average of 86 (IB predicted 32). What are the chances of getting accepted?
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according to their website (http://future.mcmaster.ca/admission/application-process/canadian-high-school-students/), they offer admission through OUAC if you're attending an ontario high school. i received an acknowledgement email with a PDF attachment which had my student number in the heading. i don't know if that was just because i applied to a program that required a supplementary application, but that's how i got my student number.

hope that helped!
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You will get in for sure. No worries. the cut off for that program is low 80s.
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