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McMaster Arts Sci Application Status Email- PLEASE HELP!

A photo of Beatles58 Beatles58
Hi everyone, I applied to Mac's Arts Sci program for the Fall 2012 term. I've maintained about an 87% average throughout high school. However, during my first semester of gr12 I had an overwhelming amount of personal problems that kept me from doing well in school. I know, excuses, but I'm just trying to explain my situation.

The 4U/M courses that I've taken/am taking are:
Advanced Functions

I took English in summer school and got 92, but my first semester marks were pitiful. 82 in Bio, 75 in Phsyics, and ahem, a near fail in Advanced Functions. This semester I am taking Kin, C/V, and Religion.

Since the program requires either Calc/Vectors or Advanced Functions, ENG 4U, and 4 other 4U/M courses, I planned on not applying with my AF mark and doing well in C/V so that mark could be used, then upgrading Biology/Physics and of course, doing well in Kin and Religion.

If everything went according to plan, I would have my 92 in English along with 95+ in Biology, 95+ in Physics, 98-98 in Religion, 85-88 in Calculus/Vectors, and 90-95 in Kin, making my average in the low-mid 90s, which would pretty much guarantee acceptance with a good supp app.

To confirm that my embarrassing AF mark would not be considered whatsoever, I called McMaster three times as well as emailing them, and they assured me that only the Top 6 courses would matter. I breathed a sigh of relief and went along my merry way, doing my best in school.

Just the other day, I got an email from McMaster saying

Dear Beatles58 (obviously replaced my real name with my username),

Thank you for your application to McMaster's Arts & Science program for the September 2012 session. We are writing to provide you with an update on the status of your application.

With the large number of high calibre applicants to the program, the task of the selection committee is always a difficult one. Although the admission decisions for this program are based on a composite of information including your supplementary application and your academic achievement, we do require an overall average (including required courses) of 88%, in order to be considered for admission.
During our preliminary review of your application, it has been determined that your overall admission average does not meet the minimum required, and/or you are missing one or more required courses. While we understand that this news must be disappointing, we thought it best to inform you in a timely manner. Hopefully, this will give you adequate time to consider other options, whether they be at McMaster or elsewhere. If you would like further information about other McMaster programs please click here.

Please note that if you applied to more than one program at McMaster, you will receive a separate response to each program choice.

Thank you for your interest in McMaster University and good luck with the remainder of your school year.


Student Recruitment &
Admissions Team
McMaster University

Needless to say, I actually cried when I read this. Does this mean that I'm not getting into the program for sure? What about this whole Top 6 thing? How can they dismiss me without even seeing my second semester midterm marks?

I emailed them and explained the upgrade/second semester marks situation the other day, but because it's Easter I'm assuming the offices are closed and they can't get back to me. I also haven't bothered calling because I doubt anyone will be in to answer phones at this time.

I'm literally going insane over here. Can someone please provide some consolation? Has this happened to anyone before? What on earth do I do!?

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A photo of imaiyarules imaiyarules

First of all, dont worry! I totally get where you're coming from, and why you're so upset. But luckily, the faculty at ArtSci are really understanding. I'm also applying this year and have spoken to Shelly, the co-ordinator a couple of times.

My friend applying for Health Sci told me about someone who got a similar letter to yours for HealthSci. Apparently, in order for your 2nd semester midterm marks to be considered, you have to call the faculty and let them know to put you back on the eligibility list.

So what I'd recommend is to call Shelley at McMaster's ArtSci office (google the number) and speak to her. She's really helpful and understanding. She'd probably be more helpful than me, in any case.

Haha, but don't worry! I'm sure this is the case for many hopeful applicants. Let me know how everything turns out. I'm sure it'll be fine.
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