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McMaster Business 1 vs Brock Bacc Co-op vs Ryerson

A photo of dvan dvan
The title says it all, where would you go if it was between the three choices?
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A photo of CantWait CantWait
Easy Choice
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A photo of g93 g93
Depends on what you're looking for.
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A photo of smarty1 smarty1
I got accepted to Brock and didn't apply Mac!

If you're going in Accounting, I've heard Brock has a pretty legit program to begin with, plus co-op as an extra benefit. Not too sure about Mac, yet I've heard DeGroote has a good name / reputation?
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A photo of dvan dvan
What about Ryerson?
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A photo of cgrc1188 cgrc1188
It all depends on your preference I guess. I applied to Mac and Ryerson, but not Brock.

McMaster's Degroote School of Business is AASCB accredited, while Ryerson's Ted Roger's School of Management is not as of yet (expected to be accredited in 2011).

Mac has a nice enclosed campus and seeing it during Fall Campus Day made me seriously consider Mac. On the other hand, Ryerson has the uptempo Downtown Toronto campus with lots to do at all times.

If you're really interested in Ryerson and haven't been to the campus or been to an info session (I haven't as of yet) this video is quite helpful:

To be honest, I'm having trouble deciding between Mac and Ryerson, but as of right now... I'm leaning towards Ryerson.
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A photo of Jordan23 Jordan23
For me, it would be a toss-up between Brock BAcc and McMaster DeGroote. Brock's co-op program is enticing, while Mac has a better name. Both are accredited, which is good. I haven't been accepted to McMaster yet, because I switched out of one of my choices last week into Mac Business. Hopefully I can make it into UofT or Waterloo though.
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