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McMaster Business 1 vs Guelph Commerce + CO-OP

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I have an 85% average and was accepted to McMasters Business 1(bcom), Guelph Commerce+COOP, and U of T general commerce. I don't wanna go to U of T forsure. I really wanted to go to McMasters, however getting into coop with Guelph already, plus a $2000 scholarship (not significant, but it would help) is getting me to think. to get the internship for Mac they average your first and second year and the rep there told me you need a high 70/low 80 to get in. I know Mac is a better business school, and I really wanna learn about the stock market (Mac has the trading floor) but I've already got coop at Guelph. I'm still strongly leaning towards Mac but I just wanna be sure. any opinions ?
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