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When the midterms are sent it, I will have a 83.5% top 6, including prerequisites. What are my chances of getting into McMaster? (The current cutoff is 84%)
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@aaronh421 wrote
If the cut off says 84, it means 84. I think you still have a chance but I would say it all depends on how many people apply to the program.

Let's say your overall average ends up to be 84 on the dot...
Does this mean you're guaranteed an offer of admission?
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A photo of sunny1011 sunny1011
my friend got in with 83.7 in march

83.5 is enough to get in, dont worry about it
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Sorry for jacking this post...but...
I JUST applied to McMaster business (like two days ago lol) does anyone know if I still have a chance to be accepted?
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All the applications before and on January 11th will have priority over you, but if a majority of them decide not to go, you will be considered as well.
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