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A photo of thelakeshow thelakeshow
I wanted to know the following:
1) what people think of the Degroote business program
2) views, opinions, and experiences of people who studied in that program
3) what average did you get accepted with
4) when did you get accepted (i.e. month)
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A photo of Blistex Blistex
Hey there, I think Degroote is an awesome school but I'm just being biased since I want to go there:P

I think you should look around they're "first years" section of the macinsider to find more help with this.

Maybe this will help? : http://www.macinsiders.com/showthread.php/mcmaster-business-35825.html
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A photo of maddie_271 maddie_271
I have applied for the McMaster business program (undergrad). I haven't gone there so I may be way off but from what I've heard they're the most innovative program, everyone I've talked to LOVED it, their scores on the exit exam are higher than other programs (such as queens), it's a great campus location (like a little community), and the teachers are AWESOME. I've heard that the cut-off is 83-84 for the undergrad. I have above a 92 and it's Feb and I haven't been accepted yet :( They don't start that stuff until later though (so I've heard). Another point is that McMaster has the best co-op program running (for business). They allow students to work for 2 terms straight which is long enough to get to know a business and start to get a real idea about what the work world will REALLY be like. It's nothing like those 4-month stints, McMaster=real-life preparation!

The majority of students major in finance/accounting so it's definitely becoming the school's specialty. You can skip the CA enterance exam if you take a few extra classes too which is great!

I have heard that the program is very math-intensive so you better like numbers :p They DO accept repeated classes as a part of your final average
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