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For McMaster stats... what are the chances that one will be able to enter co-op in the third year? like is it EXTREMELY difficult to get co-op at McMaster? because i heard that co-op is... limited? =S


McMaster - Math and Stats (B. Sc)
UT - Stats (B. Sc)
Guelph - Math and Stats Co-op(B. Sc)
UOttawa - Stats Co-op

Rejected :(
Waterloo - Mathematics Co-op.. sigh
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You can join co-op whenever you'd like except for your final year. It's a course and you go to the co-op office on campus and sign up. I'm pretty sure you have to pay a fee and you need at least 12 months work eperience to have it say co-op on your degree. You can either complete 3 4 month work terms during summer, or take a year off of school and work 12-16 months.
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If it's for engineering you can opt in and out of coop whenever you want.
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