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mcmaster engineering conditions

A photo of thegame7 thegame7
I was early accepted to mcmaster computer engineering and in the acceptance letter it says i must maintain a overall 80+ average with my 6 required courses. I am wondering if this is all i have to do and if my individual marks count anymore. Say i come out with a 70 in physics and a 70 in english yet for my 6 required courses i still have an overall 80+ average will i be fine? (Physics and english being apart of my 6 required courses). Does it matter if i have a low 70 in any of my courses or do all they care about if that i come out with an 80+ average.
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A photo of chatmike chatmike
Hey, i asked the very same question and this was the answer i got from someone in admissions:

"We do not have minimum requirements for any individual course (even those which are required). The final admission average must meet the minimum required as stated on your offer letter. Final admission averages are calculated using your top 6 4U/M courses including those required for admission to your program. We calculate to two decimal points and do not round up averages.
I hope that this helps."
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A photo of thegame7 thegame7
alright thanks, did u email mcmasters admissions asking them this? and if this is true il see ya at mac in a few months lol i calculated the worse possible senerio for myself with exams and what not and i still come out with an overall 80+ average
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A photo of chatmike chatmike
No, but i asked in Macinsiders.com and the reply was from an admissions person.

And yeah, see you in september!
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A photo of nakhuda93 nakhuda93
MAC FTW! what kind of electives are you guys taking? I'm thinking of doing economics and world religions. They seem pretty interesting while not too difficult either. I am kind of dissappointed most of the courses we can pick are like languages :/
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