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Mcmaster Engineering Cutoff/ OUAC mark updates?

A photo of sdey22 sdey22
I was wondering if anyone has a good idea about what the engineering cut-off is going to be for Mac this year?
And also, my school is putting in our mid-term marks on April 28th :thumbdown , so i'm guessing that means we have a month to know if we're accepted or not (since offers are given out by May 30th latest). Just wondering if this is the case for everyone, or is the guidance department in my school just lazy? :P

*Sorry just read on OUAC that its the deadline that is on April 28th*
So basically, if a guidance department in one school is lazier than another school's does that ruin chances of acceptance for students who have their marks submitted later on OUAC than others?
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A photo of premachb premachb
Well my average wasn't that high, around 83% and i got in, i was shocked. 90% Adv Func, 83% Calc I think they take Math marks seriously cause my science marks weren't that high.

Also, the student services at my school is sending it really late as well. I don't know why, maybe both our schools are lazy? lol. But don't worry, Schools have to recieve it by May 10th, so you can expect an acceptance around then. Good luck!
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A photo of sdey22 sdey22
My top 6 average, after mid term, is 83.5% :P
English - 81
Calculus - 93
Chemistry - 73
Physics - 85
Adv.Functions - 75
Food/Nutrition - 94

(Grade 11 marks are crap 60s~70s)

How do you think my chances are? And look at the edit I just made because that's what makes me wonder about some schools handing in marks to OUAC earlier than other schools.
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A photo of premachb premachb
Your marks look really good. I think you should get in. Don't worry about your Gr 11 marks, they only use it in the beginning for early acceptance and now that you have your grade 12 marks there redundant now.
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A photo of chatmike chatmike
Hey there. During the fall conference they posted their expected average to be 82 and that's what they were aiming for. People between 83-XX% got in for early acceptances from what i've gathered, so i would imagine an 83 for final would be well wihin the range since they start looking for lower grades or equal to now.

Even if your school has delayed the OUAC marks you still have until what? end of May to accept an offer? Mac sends the invites in waves, as does every other university, i'm sure they'll wait for the bulk of the applicant information before sending out the wave, so i wouldn't sweat it, a bunch of schools are sending stuff out late.

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A photo of sdey22 sdey22
Yeah I was also wondering if they're gonna care about my other marks such as Biology and Data, which I got 60s on both. I didn't really like Bio (SBI4U) or Data (MDM4U), so I kind of stopped trying in those classes *-)
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