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McMaster Free Choice?

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Hey guys, I understand that McMaster has sent out its first batch of acceptances for this year and I was wandering if anyone on the forum received "free choice" for Level II? I personally opened the package that was mailed out to me with great excitement, but to my dismay all it stated was "the admissibility to that program will be considered on a competitive basis"
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What's your preferred Level II program? I'm sure you'll be accepted to it when it comes time (if you decide to go to Mac).

I did receive Free Choice (I think). It said "You may choose your preferred program; see included letter...."
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A photo of Beejeong Beejeong
It just means you'll have a free choice of whichever Engineering you wish to go into during second year at Mac (i.e. Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, etc.)

You'll get a free choice if you maintain a 90 or higher average in high school (I think).

But if you do poorly in first year Engineering at Mac and don't meet the requirements, you'll lose your free-choice.

Not sure if this answered whatever you're asking.
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