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McMaster Health Sci vs. McGill Life Sci vs. Western Biomed + AEO

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Hey everyone, so my best friend (who is a genius might I add, so jealous of him), is having some difficulties choosing which university program to take next year.

As you can tell by the topic title, he can't choose between McMaster's Health Science program, McGill's Life Science program and Western's Biomedical Sciences program with the AEO status.

The reason why I'm asking is because he didn't want to make an account himself , so I decided to help him out and ask you guys in this forum instead, since I don't really know much about these Life Science and Health Science programs that these universities offer.

Please reply! :)
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A photo of Galactical Galactical
i got into mcgill, im not sure either, but i dont see how any western program can compare to mcgill
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A photo of 04matt04 04matt04
In all honesty, every undergraduate degree from top schools like Wester, McGill, Toronto, Queens, Mac, etc. will all give you (basically) the same education, and it's really hard to differentiate the different pros/cons of each program.

I was in a very similar situation a few days ago (but instead of Mac Healthsci it was Lifesci). I narrowed it down to Mac and Wester, since I was not interested in McGill as much. Knowing that both programs are almost exactly the same, I decided to base my decision on which university campus/atmosphere I liked better, and where I felt more comfortable in. Long story short, Western blew me away (I was just there Monday) - and I have decided to go there in the fall. Your friend should visit each campus before even thinking about this decision.

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A photo of jessiexo jessiexo
McMaster Health Sci or McGill for sure. Western's program cannot compare (unless he really wants to go to Ivey). I personally prefer McGill because it has a more stimulating environment and I like the vibrant city. He may not... comes down to personal preference as they are both excellent programs. McGill is more known for medicine (internationally) if that matters. It also depends if he plans on going to med school in the states or in Canada. If his goal is a Canadian med school then it doesn't matter what school you go to. If he wants to go to the states, then McGill will be looked at more favourably.
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