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McMaster Health Science Supplementary Application Help?

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Hey guys, I was looking at the supp app for McMaster Health Sci because that is where I am hoping to go to after this year. After reading over the questions, I realized that I do not know where to start. I was just wondering if anyone who got accepted to Health Sci would give me some tips on how to start and what to write.

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Jot down the first things that come to mind when you read each question, you still have tons of time until Feb so don't worry about actually writing it yet. That's how I approached my supp app - read the questions and wrote down my initial ideas, and then I didn't look over it for a week. During that week though, I would try and think about my ideas sporadically (in the shower, while walking to school, on a run etc) and I wrote down any new ideas I had. One week before it was due, I sat down and wrote out my answers (and it was pretty easy because I already had what I wanted to say formed in my head), then took another couple days to edit and refine them. Don't try and think of stuff that you think the BHSc students/faculty will want to see, since that will be quite obvious.
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