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Can anyone who knows something about this program tell me just how competitive it is? And is it wroth all the trouble? As in is it better than regular life sci at mac? I'm aiming for a Ph.D and I want to go into research in some area of life science, so does this program give me a better chance at getting into the prestigious US schools for graduate studies?

If got into life sci at UBC and UofT, and Mac iSci, how should I choose between them? I'm mostly looking for quality education and lots of research opportunities for my undergrad years. I know this is a lot of questions, any helpful answers would be appreciated.

Edit: And should I apply to Mac Health Sci too? I know it's a great program, but I'm not planning going into health care, I'm only interested in research, so wouldn't Life Sci be more helpful?
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I'm actually in first year iSci right now and it is so totally worth it. I plan on becoming a medical researcher with more emphasis on research so isci is basically the perfect program. We do a bunch of research projects. We just finished our mission to mars and now we're examining the effects of drugs. It's pretty cool because we get such a balance of all the sciences. Also, the profs are great. They're really helpful and understanding and since it's only 40 of us we're all really close with them. It's like a family. A lot of what we do is concept based and i think i'm getting extremely well prepared for research. If you wanna go into research I would say don't apply to health sci. It's just an extra hassle. It's so competitive in the first place that if it's not your top choice, you probably won't get in. It's so med school based that it wont prepare you as well for research as isci or even life sci. I chose isci over life sci and i thought it was a great decision. Hope that helped.
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