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Mcmaster Life Sci vs Western's biomed

A photo of Joyce Joyce
hey everyone!
I'm torn between Mcmaster's Life Sci and Western's Biomed
I've read A LOT of forums, but most of them say they're pretty much the same
I would like to go to medical school, but just in case I don't make it, which of the two would benefit me more for the other choices? and what ARE these choices?
Also, are there statistics as to which program has more students getting into med school?

ANY help would be appreciated! very so much in advance!

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A photo of mali1ggg mali1ggg
I would say mcmaster since its not a "party" skool and its program is more reputated and smaller.
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A photo of luckylion luckylion
Yeah, they are both good and virtually identical...
So, I suggest you choose the one closer to your home.
Select the one where you would be more familiar and comfortable with...
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A photo of TheLaw TheLaw
ok, first of all the MAC program is not more reputable if not less; the biomed at UWO is a joint program with the Schulich School of Medicine. Just choose the school you think you'll be happier going to, in terms of academics, social life, campus, city, etc.
btw UWO is party school, but most people here have a very successful academic life along their social life. As long as you can prioritize, you can easily have the best of both worlds.
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