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McMaster Life Science Admissions

A photo of chenshirley chenshirley

I am so anxious about Life Science admissions! :X
Does anyone know when they are handing out the last wave and what the cut-off range is? I've heard 88, 85, 84... but I'm not sure what it is. Last year it was 87%, for sure.
I currently have a 91% average with midterms...

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A photo of megan16 megan16
you'll get in. ouac says may 10th is the final day for them to get midterms. if your top 6 are 91, you're definitely in. don't worry :)
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A photo of Bluesharpies Bluesharpies
Weird, I'm in the opposite situation. We have a similar average, but I got McMaster's acceptance the day after midterms went in to OUAC, though I haven't heard from U of T yet. :|

We should both have our worries alleviated soon enough though, from what I've seen around.
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A photo of MariamGuled MariamGuled
Hey I just got in with an 87.8 top 6 average.. so don't worry you'll get in for sure :)
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A photo of heathsciDREAM heathsciDREAM

not life and janitory science. pz
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A photo of futuredoc futuredoc
Don't worry, with a 91% average you'll get in for sure, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. No matter what the cut-off is, it's somewhere in the 80's, and you're in the 90's so don't stress. And the final date for universities to respond is May 31 so don't feel like you have no chance, or that the time is up.

Good luck to you, and I hope you succeed in whatever you decide to do. :)
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