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McMaster Life Science admissions

A photo of VikashChawla VikashChawla
Based on my grades, and the marks I will be expecting, do you think I can get in? What about health science assuming I have a terrific supp application?

English: 80 final
Bio : 87 final
Chemistry: 90-91 final (expecting)
Economics: 92 final (expecting)
Physics: 92-94 mid term (expecting)
Adv Functions: 90 final (expecting)
Religion : 98+ mid term (expecting)
Calculus : 92+ mid term (expecting)


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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
I took the high end of your range to calculate your top 6 (using English, bio, chem, calc, religion and physics) with the best combo possible and it gave a 90.3%. So you will just make the cutoff for health sci assuming you keep those grades and you will make the cut off for life sci.
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A photo of Reality Reality
You're golden for Life Sci. Try to create more of a buffer between the cut-off and your current marks if you intend to apply to Health Sci (just in case some of your marks drop).
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A photo of YaNnii YaNnii
wow you're ready for that program! pretty much well above the requirement. good luck!
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A photo of hockey hockey
Dude you're all set for that program, good luck!
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A photo of sidhu sidhu
You do have very good marks, however you should keep in mind that they also take into account you're extra curricular and leadership skills and experience, but other than that, good luck getting in!
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A photo of Mareurin Mareurin
Wow, you're marks are soo high! :) You would most likely get in!
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A photo of pamela13 pamela13
Yes, you should be fine
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A photo of shacheung shacheung
for life science, yes for sure!
for hlth sci, they also look at yr applicat'n
gd luck!
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