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McMaster Life Science: Which computer is best?

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Which computer system is best for the Life Science program at McMaster; Mac or Windows? Does it not matter, or are some computer programs used in classes exclusive to one of the computer systems?
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Lol nobody replies to jen
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@samwise575 wrote
Lol nobody replies to jen

I will now since the thread is now a more recent topic thanks to you.

I finished life science I this past year and you won't go wrong with a laptop thats under $1000. Windows or Mac is fine since you don't need any particular programs unlike in engineering.

I bought an ASUS laptop that lets me have around 6 hours of battery life with a 14" screen. I was thinking battery life should take priority over power but soon found that when you're doing research for your assignments it might be better to have a more power to keep all those tabs open and your computer functioning smoothly. Nowadays many computers will offer both if you know where you are looking (not BestBuy or Futureshop). Stores like tigerdirect, canadacomputers, and ncix will have far superior laptops.

My two cents: Don't go for anything expensive, buy a good brand and you'll be fine. You'll mainly be using McMaster's online education tool (Avenue to Learn) to access most of your school stuff.
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Go with windows.
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