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McMaster Life Sciences vs Waterloo Kinesiology Co-op

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Hi, I'm having a really hard time deciding on what to take. As of right now, my goal is to get into either Pharmacy, Optometry or Physiotherapy. I know that with Life Sciences, if I fail to get in, all I have is a life sci degree and that's "relatively" hard to use if I want to find a job. If I have a kinesiology degree, it's easier to find a job and also there's the co-op option which is really awesome. I also know that Waterloo would be a lot easier financially for me due to the Co-op program and the scholarships they offered me. My concern is that Waterloo Kinesiology is not as....highly regarded in comparison to the other programs I've gotten accepted into despite the fact that it actually fulfills a lot of my requirements. Also, I've heard that it is easier to get a higher GPA from Kinesiology than Life Sci. Is this actually true? If I was attempting to get into those aforementioned programs, would Waterloo's reputation help me or actually lower my chances?

So, if I was to attempt to get into Optometry/Pharmacy (I'm also highly interested in getting into physiotherapy/occupational therapy), which one should I choose? Waterloo Kinesiology or McMaster Life Sciences considering all things?
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