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McMaster: Medical Physics vs. Kinesiology

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I'm going into Life Sciences at McMaster in September (going to major in Biochemistry with either biotech or biomed specilization).
I have to choose courses from the Life Science I Course List, and I'm not sure whether I should take MED PHYS 1E03 or KINESIOL 1Y03. I'm sure they are completely different courses, but if anyone has taken one or both, I would like to know which course is more interesting (yes, I have read the course descriptions on the undergraduate calendar), what the course load is like, and how difficult they are.
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I haven't taken either, but some of my friends have so...

Kin 1Y03- really interesting, weekly quiz, cool dissections, people loved it (IT FILLS UP REALLY QUICKLY ON MUGSI)

Med Phys- pretty good if you like physics, but not the greatest, essay, and assignments...

I'd definitely recommend you have backups for course registration day. Good luck!
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