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Mcmaster Medication Radiation

A photo of Plaaza Plaaza
Has anyone applied to Mac's MedRad program? I've yet to find many people who applied, for some reason. :/
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
I never applied to/am not in med rad but from what I've noticed at Mac, it's a relatively unknown program, so that could be why. Only reason I heard of it is because one of my frosh leaders in first year was in med rad. I've never met anyone else in med rad in my 3 years at Mac haha. Also, it's a joint program with Mohawk College and people who are applying via Mohawk may not be on here since it's primarily a university-oriented forum. From what I've heard, med rad also has more non-traditional students (ie. older students who already have another degree and are going back to school) than say life sci or engineering, so that could be another reason why.
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A photo of nakhuda93 nakhuda93
Honestly, I was thinking of using it as a way to get into something like radiation sciences at Michener institute. However I went to the Mac open house and the speaker made me lose all hope in that program. It sounds great but I don't think I could handle spending 4 years getting monotonous lessons from a seemingly brain dead zombie. Seriously though, I think it's a good option if like me you find physics and bio interesting without having to go into too much detail with regards to chemistry.
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A photo of Nithl Nithl
I applied to this! I'm surprised I haven't found many people interested in this program on here. When I went to the seminar at the University Fair almost everyone in the seminar raised their hand when asked who was interested in the program. At my school alone I know 4 people who have this program as their first choice. (My grade has ~130 kids). From what you all have said, it's kind of turning me away from this program. (nakhuda93 mainly). I'm really only interested in this because you get a job right out of it pretty much guaranteed. Would I be better off not going into this program?
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