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McMaster or Ryerson for business?

A photo of blitz1 blitz1
I have been accpeted for commerce at mcmaster and business management at ryerson. I'm not sure of which one to go to. Ryerson is close, and their business program is greatly progressing but the problem is that McMaster focuses more on finance, marketing, etc. Plus im not really a fan of residencey, and i live in Richmond hill, is the commute to mcmaster very far?
I know that both of these programs don;t have co-op but they do have internship. I read about Mcmaster's internships and what comapnies you can work for, but i am unaware of ryerson's. And also how difficult is it to get internship for both programs.
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A photo of vb91 vb91

I am currently attending Mc Master University for my second year of commerece. I can sort of relate to your dilemma, only for me it was a choice between Western University or Mc Master. With Mc Master your ultimatly graduate with a commerce degree, either honours or bachelors, depends upon your grades and what you wish to ultimatley pursue, and you can sepcialize in a field of your choice, such as marketing, finance, human resources etc... The internship program is avaliable in third year, however you must maintain a GPA of at least 70% or higher. Similarly, there are rules you have to comply with in order to be eligable to continue in the program and qualify for 2nd year. You have to maintain a 63% average, which works out to a GPA of 5.0 and you can't fail ANY of your required courses. I find the program to be extremely rewarding and am actually very happy I chose to attend Mc Master University. I don't know if this helps you at all but call both Ryerson and Mc Master and just talk to some associates from the two institutions, they may help make your decision easier.
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@blitz1 wrote
i live in Richmond hill, is the commute to mcmaster very far?

Hmmm I think mapquest or google maps can tell you that....
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A photo of BudsFan94 BudsFan94
you will not be able to commute from Richmond Hill to Hamilton everyday. That isnt practical
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